A PHP client for elasticsearch.

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Release v0.19.8.0

Release v0.19.8.0

This release breaks backward compatibility!

Date: 2012-08-12

Release Notes

All changes can be found in the changes.txt

BC Breaks

  • Change Elastica_Filter_GeoDistance::__construct(), accepts geohash parameter (BC break, before: ($key, $latitude, $longitude, $distance), after: ($key, $location, $distance) where $location is array(‘lat’ => $latitude, ‘lon’ => $longitude) or a geohash)


  • Remove old style path creation through params in Elastica_Index::create and Elastica_Search::search
  • PSR1/PSR2 Style enforced<


  • Elastica_Query_Prefix added
  • Added Elastica_ScriptFields
  • Added Elastica_Filter_Limit
  • Facet scope added
  • Added Elastica_Filter_MatchAll
  • Added Elastica_Filter_Limit