A PHP client for elasticsearch.

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Release v0.90.10.0

Elastica v0.90.10.0 download. This release is compatible with elasticsearch 0.90.10


Project Version Required
Elasticsearch 0.90.10 yes
Elasticsearch mapper attachments plugin 1.9.0 no
Elasticsearch thrift transport plugin 1.7.0 no
Elasticsearch geocluster facet plugin 0.0.9 no

Release Notes (changes.txt)

  • Updates for release v0.90.10.0
  • Fix _bulk delete proxy methods if type or index not explicitly defined.
  • Add _bulk delete proxy methods to Index and Type for consistency.
  • Use the HTTP response code of GET requests (getDocument), instead of extists/found json property.
  • Add getParam & getProperties methods to Elastica\Type\Mapping
  • Code coverage generation for coveralls.io added: https://coveralls.io/r/ruflin/Elastica
  • Add support for shard timeout to the Bulk api.
  • Fix typo in constant name: Elastica\Query\FunctionScore::DECAY_GUASS becomes DECAY_GAUSS
  • Add support for _bulk update
  • added \Elastica\Exception\ResponseException::getElasticsearchException()
  • Changed logger default log level to debug from info
  • Update to elasticsearch 0.90.10
  • Add Elastica\Facet\TermsStats::setOrder()
  • Adding analyze function to Index to expose the _analyze API
  • Document::setDocAsUpsert() now returns the Document
  • Update to Elasticsearch 0.90.8
  • Add support for simple_query_string query
  • Add support for filter inside HasChild filter
  • Add support for filter inside HasParent filter
  • Always send scroll_id via HTTP body instead of as a query param
  • Fix the manner in which suggestion results are returned in \Elastica\ResultSet and adjust associated tests to account for the fix.
  • Add \Elastica\Resultset::hasSuggests()
  • Pass arguments to optimize as query
  • Add refreshAll on Client
  • Added Result::hasFields() and Result::hasParam() methods for consistency with Document
  • Escape slash in Util::escapeTerm, as it is used for regexp from Elastic 0.90
  • Add *.iml to .gitignore
  • Refactor suggest implementation (\Elastica\Suggest, \Elastica\Suggest\AbstractSuggest, and \Elastica\Suggest\Term) to more closely resemble query implementation. (BC break)
  • \Elastica\Search::addSuggest() has been renamed to \Elastica\Search::setSuggest()
  • \Elastica\Query::addSuggest() has been renamed to \Elastica\Query::setSuggest()
  • Add \Elastica\Suggest\Phrase, \Elastica\Suggest\CandidateGenerator\AbstractCandidateGenerator, and \Elastica\Suggest\CandidateGenerator\DirectGenerator
  • (see http://www.elasticsearch.org/guide/en/elasticsearch/reference/current/search-suggesters-phrase.html)
  • Remove boost from FunctionScore::addFunction because this is not supported by elasticsearch
  • Issue #491 resolved
  • Issue #501 resolved
  • satooshi/php-coveralls package added for coverall.io
  • Multiple badges for downloads and latest stable release added
  • Remove facets param from query if is empty array
  • Add size param to API for TermsStats