A PHP client for elasticsearch.

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Release v1.4.2.0

Elastica v1.4.2.0 (download). This release is compatible with elasticsearch 1.4.2.


Project Version Required
Elasticsearch 1.4.2 yes
Elasticsearch mapper attachments plugin 2.4.1 no
Elasticsearch thrift transport plugin 2.4.1 no
Elasticsearch geocluster facet plugin 0.0.12 no

Release Notes (changes.txt)

  • Added Elastica\Query\Regexp #757
  • Update to elasticsearch 1.4.2 #378
  • Remove support for PHP 5.3
  • added @return annotation to top_hits aggregation DSL method #752
  • Added Elastica\Aggregation\TopHits #718
  • Vagrantfile updated #742
  • Plugins updated to ES 1.3.4
  • Since new version of thrift plugin is compatible with ES 1.3.4, plugin added back to test environment
  • Added: Filter\Range::setExecution, Filter\Terms::setExecution, Filter\Missing::setExistence, Filter\Missing::setNullValue, Filter\HasChild::setMinumumChildrenCount, Filter\HasChild::Filter\HasChild::setMaximumChildrenCount, Filter\Indices::addIndex
  • Filter\HasChild::setType, Filter\HasParent::setType now support Type instance as argument
  • Filter\Indices::setIndices, Filter\Indices::addIndex now support Index instance as argument
  • (BC break) Removed as added by mistake: Filter\HasChild::setScope, Filter\HasParent::setScope, Filter\Nested::setScoreMode, Filter\Bool::setBoost
  • Additional Request Body Options for Percolator #737
  • making sure id is urlencoded when using updateDocument #734
  • Implement the weight in the function score query #735
  • Changed setRealWorldErrorLikelihood to setRealWordErrorLikelihood #729
  • allow to customize the key on a range aggregation #728
  • Added fluent interface to Elastica\Query::setRescore #733
  • Added transport to support egeloen/http-adapter #727
  • add cache control parameters support to Elastica\Filter\Bool #725
  • Avoid remove previously added params when adding a suggest to the query #726
  • Added Elastica\QueryBuilder #724
  • Update to elasticsearch 1.4.0
  • Disable official support for PHP 5.3
  • fixed reserved words in queries which composed of upper case letters (Util::replaceBooleanWords) #722
  • Adding PSR-4 autoloading support #714
  • Updated Type::getDocument() exception handling. \Elastica\Exception\ResponseException will be thrown instead of \Elastica\Exception\NotFoundException if the ES response contains any error (i.e: Missing index) (BC break) #687
  • Added Util::convertDateTimeObject to Util class to easily convert \DateTime objects to required format #709
  • Remove ResponseException catch in Type::getDocument() #704
  • Fixed Response::isOk() to work better with bulk update api #702
  • Adding magic __call() #700
  • ResultSet creation moved to static ResultSet::create() method #690
  • Accept an options array at Type::updateDocument() #686
  • Improve exception handling in Type::getDocument() #693