A PHP client for elasticsearch.

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Release 3.2.2

Elastica 3.2.2 (download).

This release is compatible with Elasticsearch 2.x and was tested with elasticsearch 2.3.2.


  • Set HTTP headers on each request preventing server error if persistent connection is enabled and compression enabled and later disabled for the same connection.
  • Removed int type hinting in setMinimumMatch (Terms Query): it should also allow string. #1151


  • Elastica\QueryBuilder\DSL\Query::geo_distance
  • Elastica\Aggregation\GeoCentroid #1150
  • Multi value field param for decay function.
  • Elastica\Client::getVersion #1152


  • Set PHP 7.0 as default development version
  • Get the root reason from Elasticsearch’s error JSON, when available #1111
  • Optimize memory usage for Http Adapter #1161


  • Remove JSON_ELASTICSEARCH constant as not needed anymore