A PHP client for elasticsearch.

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Release 5.1.0

Elastica 5.1.0 (download).

This release is compatible with Elasticsearch 5.x and was tested with elasticsearch 5.1.2.

Backward Compatibility Breaks

  • \Elastica\Script\AbstractScript added the script language as constructor argument and sub-classes must implement getScriptTypeArray


  • Removed features that do not exist in Elasticsearch 5.0 anymore:
    • ttl and timestamp logic: setters and getters in documents and mapping
    • \Elastica\Query\Missing: negate \Elastica\Query\Exists instead
    • \Elastica\Query\TopChildren
  • \Elastica\Query\MatchPhrase and \Elastica\Query\MatchPhrasePrefix do not extend \Elastica\Query\Match anymore because they do not share exactly the same options
  • Removed the routing option in \Elastica\Index::create because there is no routing param when creating an index. So that option was doing nothing so far but fails in Elasticearch 5.0 because the non-existing query param is validated.
  • Fix relation property of \Elastica\Query\GeoShapeProvided


  • added \Elastica\Script\ScriptId to reference stored scripts by ID
  • added \Elastica\Query\AbstractGeoShape::RELATION_WITHIN
  • Date math in index names is now escaped in URI
  • Added a check for paths that already have date math escaped


  • \Elastica\Query\HasParent to use parent_type instead of type. Fixes warning due to field being deprecated.


  • Deprecated functionality that is also deprecated in Elasticsearch 5.0:
    • \Elastica\Client::optimizeAll in favor of \Elastica\Client::forcemergeAll
    • \Elastica\Query\BoolQuery::setMinimumNumberShouldMatch in favor of \Elastica\Query\BoolQuery::setMinimumShouldMatch
    • \Elastica\Query\GeoDistanceRange: use distance aggregations or sorting instead
    • \Elastica\Query\GeohashCell
    • \Elastica\Query\Indices: search on the _index field instead
    • \Elastica\Query\Match::setFieldType: use \Elastica\Query\MatchPhrase and \Elastica\Query\MatchPhrasePrefix instead
  • \Elastica\Transport\Null is deprecated because null is a reserved class name in PHP 7. Use \Elastica\Transport\NullTransport instead.