A PHP client for elasticsearch.

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Release 5.2.1

Elastica 5.2.1 (download).

This release is compatible with Elasticsearch 5.x and was tested with elasticsearch 5.2.2.


  • Fix elastic 5.3.x deprecation warning related to Content-Type not being set.
  • Fix updating settings of an index. #1296
  • Fix bad parameter value to refresh document #1318


  • Parameter filter_path for response filtering (e.g. $index->search($query, ['filter_path' => 'hits.hits._source']))
  • Add support for Health parameters for Cluster\Health endpoint (new prop : delayed_unassigned_shards, number_of_pending_tasks, number_of_in_flight_fetch, task_max_waiting_in_queue_millis, active_shards_percent_as_number)
  • Add support for querystring in Type. this allow to use update_all_types in type mapping in order to resolve conflicts between fields in different types. Conflicts between fields in different types
  • Added \Elastica\Query\ParentId to avoid join with parent documents #1287
  • Added \Elastica\Reindex for reindexing between indices #1311


  • Added support for other_bucket and other_bucket_key paramters on Elastica\Aggregation\Filters


  • Deprecated Tool\CrossIndex use \Elastica\Reindex instead #1311