A PHP client for elasticsearch.

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How to Create an Elastica Release

The following steps have to be followed to create a new Elastica Release

  • Open a pull request with the release planned in in changes.txt on top
  • For minor or major releases, update the branch-alias in the composer.json file
  • Verify that all the builds on Travis are green for the current version
  • Copy all the changes since the last release from CHANGELOG.md and format that they are properly formatted
  • Copy Dependencies for README.md
  • Prepare new empty fields for next release in CHANGELOG.md by adding the Unreleased title and the following sub titles: Backward Compatibility Breaks, Bugfixes, Added, Improvements, Deprecated
  • Merge pull request
  • Set the proper tag and title (Release X.X.X) for the release
  • Go to Github Release page and “Draft a new release”
  • Publish the release
  • Update Elastica.io
    • Create a release post on Elastica.io with the changes and download link (rake new_post['Release X.X.X'])
    • Update the Releases page with the newest release: http://elastica.io/releases/
    • Build the newest API doc with ant phpdoc and copy it to the source/api folder
  • Update Docker Hub Tags for elasticsearch-elastica and elastica repository: https://hub.docker.com/u/ruflin/
  • Announce the release on the Elastica Google Group
  • Announce the release on Twitter