A PHP client for elasticsearch.

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Release v0.90.2.0

This release is compatible with elasticsearch 0.90.2. The only BC break in this release is that now Scripts is a frist class citizens in upsert. The migration guide can be found here.


Release Notes (changes.txt)

  • Support for “proxy” param for http connections
  • Add support for fields parameter in Elastica_Type::getDocument()
  • Add a getQuery method on the FilteredQuery object
  • Second param to \Elastica\Search.php:count($query = ‘’, $fullResult = false) added. If second param is set to true, full ResultSet is returned including facets.
  • Plugin geocluster-facet support added
  • Add Query\Common
  • Can now create a query by passing an array to Type::search()
  • Add Filter\GeohashCell
  • Revamped upsert so that Scripts are now first class citizens. (BC break) See http://elastica.io/migration/0.90.2/upsert.html
  • Implemented doc_as_upsert.
  • Update to elasticsearch 0.90.2
  • Enabled ES_WAIT_ON_MAPPING_CHANGE for travis builds
  • Added upsert support when updating a document with a partial document or a script.
  • Add filtered queries to the percolator API.
  • Correct class name for TermTest unit test
  • Implement terms lookup feature for terms filter
  • Fix support for making scroll queries once the scroll has been started.