A PHP client for elasticsearch.

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Release v0.90.5.0

Elastica v0.90.5.0 download. This release is compatible with elasticsearch 0.90.5

Release Notes (changes.txt)

  • Update to elasticsearch 0.90.5
  • Fix \Elastica\Filter\HasParent usage of \Elastica\Query as to not collide with \Elastica\Filter\Query, bring \Elasitca\Filter\HasChild into line
  • Also pass the current client object to the failure callback in \Elastica\Client.
  • Update to geocluster-facet 0.0.8
  • Add support for term suggest API. See http://www.elasticsearch.org/guide/reference/api/search/term-suggest/
  • Fix \Elastica\Filter\HasChild usage of \Elastica\Query as to not collide with \Elastica\Filter\Query namespace
  • Update to elasticsearch 0.90.4
  • Add support for function_score query
  • Skip geocluster-facet test if the plugin is not installed
  • Correct \Elastica\Test\ClientTest to catch the proper exception type on connection failure
  • Fix unit test errors
  • Nested filter supports now the setFilter method
  • Support isset() calls on Result objects
  • Add \ArrayAccess on the ResultSet object
  • Update to elasticsearch 0.90.3