A PHP client for elasticsearch.

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Release 3.1.1

Elastica 3.1.1 (download).

This release is compatible with Elasticsearch 2.x and was tested with elasticsearch 2.2.1.


  • Add an “AwsAuthV4” transport that automatically signs requests using credentials from the environment or from the client config. This allows using Elastica with Amazon ElasticSearch Service domains that are restricted to IAM roles or policies. https://github.com/ruflin/Elastica/pull/1056
  • Update elasticsearch build dependency to elasticsearch 2.2.1


  • Elastica\Exception\InvalidException will be thrown if you try using an Elastica\Aggregation\AbstractSimpleAggregation without setting either the field or script param.
  • Elastica\Index->deleteByQuery($query, $options) $query param can be a query array again
  • Elastica\Query\MoreLikeThis->toArray() now supports providing a non-indexed document as an input to perform the comparison.
  • Elastica\Status will lazy load the _stats at when it is needed. https://github.com/ruflin/Elastica/pull/1058