A PHP client for elasticsearch.

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Release 3.2.0

Elastica 3.2.0 (download).

This release is compatible with Elasticsearch 2.x and was tested with elasticsearch 2.3.2.

Backward Compatibility Breaks

The BC breaks in this release only affect implementations which modified / extended the ResultSet class.

  • Method \Elastica\ResultSet::create and property \Elastica\ResultSet::$class were removed. To change the ResultSet class, implement your own ResultSet Builder. #1065
  • Properties on \Elastica\ResultSet totalHits, maxScore, took and timedOut that were originally set on object construction are now accessed by the getters on the ResultSet. #1065


  • Fix php notice on \Elastica\Index::getAliases() if index has no aliases #1078


  • Update elasticsearch build dependency to elasticsearch 2.3.2 #1084



  • Configuring the logger in \Elastica\Client $config constructor is deprecated and will be removed. Use the $logger argument instead. #1069
  • Extracted creation of ResultSet objects to a new dedicated ResultSet\Builder implementation. #1065


  • All properties in the \Elastica\ResultSet class will be moved to private in 4.0. To manipulate the creation of a ResultSet, implement the \Elastica\ResultSet\BuilderInterface and pass your new Builder to the \Elastica\Search instances. #1065