AbstractTermsAggregation Class AbstractTermsAggregation.
Avg Class Avg.
AvgBucket Class AvgBucket.
BucketScript Class BucketScript.
BucketSelector Class BucketSelector.
Cardinality Class Cardinality.
Children Class Children.
DateHistogram Class DateHistogram.
DateRange Class DateRange.
Derivative Class Derivative.
ExtendedStats Class ExtendedStats.
Filter Class Filter.
Filters Class Filters.
GeoBounds A metric aggregation that computes the bounding box containing all geo_point values for a field.
GeoCentroid Class GeoCentroid.
GeoDistance Class GeoDistance.
GeohashGrid Class GeohashGrid.
GlobalAggregation Class GlobalAggregation.
Histogram Class Histogram.
IpRange Class IpRange.
Max Class Max.
Min Class Min.
Missing Class Missing.
Nested Class Nested.
ParentAggregation Class ParentAggregation.
Percentiles Class Percentiles.
Range Class Range.
ReverseNested Reversed Nested Aggregation.
ScriptedMetric Class ScriptedMetric.
SerialDiff Class SerialDiff.
SignificantTerms Class SignificantTerms.
Stats Class Stats.
StatsBucket Class StatsBucket.
Sum Class Sum.
SumBucket Class SumBucket.
Terms Class Terms.
TopHits Class TopHits.
ValueCount Class ValueCount.