AbstractFilter Abstract filter object. Should be extended by all filter types.
AbstractGeoDistance Geo distance filter.
AbstractGeoShape geo_shape filter.
AbstractMulti Multi Abstract filter object. Should be extended by filter types composed of an array of sub filters.
Bool Bool Filter.
BoolAnd And Filter.
BoolFilter Bool Filter.
BoolNot Not Filter.
BoolOr Or Filter.
Exists Exists query.
GeoBoundingBox Geo bounding box filter.
GeoDistance Geo distance filter.
GeoDistanceRange Geo distance filter.
GeohashCell Class GeohashCell.
GeoPolygon Geo polygon filter.
GeoShapePreIndexed geo_shape filter for pre-indexed shapes.
GeoShapeProvided geo_shape filter or provided shapes.
HasChild Returns parent documents having child docs matching the query.
HasParent Returns child documents having parent docs matching the query.
Ids Ids Filter.
Indices Class Indices.
Limit Limit Filter.
MatchAll Match all filter.
Missing Missing Filter.
Nested Nested filter.
NumericRange Numeric Range Filter.
Prefix Prefix filter.
Query Query filter.
Range Range Filter.
Regexp Regexp filter.
Script Script filter.
Term Term query.
Terms Terms filter.
Type Type Filter.